Tiago Monteiro and his family winery, 1912 Winemakers, auctioned a bottle of wine, from a limited edition, in favor of charity

Tiago Monteiro and his family winery, 1912 Winemakers, decided, in a joint partnership, to make a limited edition of 18 bottles Magnum (1.5 liters) of a red wine based on the Encosta do Bocho Grande Reserva 2009, an edition of 1912 bottles of the family selection.

This red wine, originated in the Douro, was produced in limited quantities, the result of a thorough and careful manual production process, resulting in a wine of high quality and remarkable aging potential.

The 18 bottles are numbered and autographed by Tiago Monteiro, and will be auctioned during the current season events, and special occasions, and 100% of the amount raised in these auctions will go on behalf of a charity.

Tiago Monteiro and 1912 Winemakers have roots in the Douro, and as such chose they chosen the Bagos d'Ouro Association (, based in that area, to be awarded the revenue of this auction. The Bagos d'Ouro Association’s objective is to support underprivileged and disadvantaged children and youngsters from the Douro region, by monitoring their school careers and creating opportunities for the development of successful life projects, as a mean of combating social exclusion of this region, one of the poorest in the European Union. Currently they are supporting about 20 families in the municipalities of São João da Pesqueira and Sabrosa, a total of 76 people, and starting in July they will extend support to the municipalities of Alijó and Tabuaço, thus Bagos d'Ouro will support a total of 30 families and over 100 people.

To Tiago Monteiro this association, like so many other associations with the same assumption, deserve the support of everyone: "It's a noble cause that deserves my support and respect, as well as many others. To help those most in need should be a mission of every citizen. 1912 Winemakers and I will give a small contribution to raise awareness and hopefully get others to do the same", said the Portuguese racing driver.